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“The Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences enhances the minds of tomorrow's finest practitioners of arcanes through elite education processes, hands-on field studies and more. The Academy is certified by the Kingdom of Stormwind to provide degrees in a variety of different fields and even elevate esteemed members to the post of Archmage.”

Magical Introduction: A prelude to the world and studies of magic. A basic, introductory course.
Educator: Archmage Kian Henson, Dean of the Academy

Philosophical Studies of Divine Magics: A course on the importance of the Holy Light in the life of magi and how being a member of the Church of the Holy Light won't conflict with your membership in the Circle.
Educator: Sir Kade Osrana, Captain of the Tower Guard

Depth into Arcane: A course examining a number of important Schools of Magic: Transmutation, Divination, Evocation, Necromancy, Abjuration, Conjuration, Illusion.
Educator: Archmage Mesenda Dawnfury, Commandant of the Circle

Arcane Media & Methodology: The Medias of Frost and Fire are largely different, and their mastery contributes to the basis of all kinds of magic. This course will guide students through the two distinct medias.
Educator: To Be Announced

Magic Through The Ages: A historic study of the most important figures and events that shaped the world of magic as we know it.
Educator: To Be Announced

Wards Against Corruptive Magics: This course delves into every aspect of defense against necromancy, fel-magics and other forms of defensive and offensive skills.
Educator: Cedric Montgomery

Maven of Shadowmancy
  • Shadowmancy in Practice: Course designed to go into depth on the practice of Shadowmancy, in situations for Kingdom Defense.
  • Certifier/Educator: Cedric Montgomery, Magister of Stormwind
Maven of Chronomancy
  • Chronomancy in Practice: Course designed to go into depth on the practice of Chronomancy.
  • Certifier/Educator: To Be Announced

Maven of Methodology
  • Media in Practice: Course designed to go into the depth of each Arcane media, developing the Arcanist’s abilities of one in specific.
  • Certifier/Educator: To Be Announced