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Militant Faction
The town of Glenwood

March of Eisendwald

In the eastern regions of Duskwood, starts the March of Eisenwald. The ruling House of Marakov has held ties to this land for several years. The importance of this land relies on its access to the Kingdom of Stormwind through the Deadwind Pass; as the March is within this entry and then some, the location is always in constant watch. The current Margrave is Lord-Commander Mordren Dimitris Makarov, with his wife the Margravine, Archmage Mesenda Dawn-Makarov. In current time, the Stormwind Circle is under Command by the Margravine of Eisenwalkd, thus the entirety of the Circle is at the March's disposal.

Townships: Eisenwald (Capital), Glenwood (Largest in population), Glaskin, Caleigh, and Bellford

Battlemage Corps

The Battlemage Corps is made up of several divisions in the Stormwind Army, and is lead by Archmage Mesenda Dawn-Makarov. The Corps is tasked with being the first defense against all foreign threats as well as being a valuable first offense. Many Magi who have sworn themselves to the Kingdom of Stormwind find themselves being part of this renowned Corps, or strive to be associated with.

The Tower Guard

Tower Guard patrolling Glenwood on horseback

The Tower Guard are Knights and Guards trained through March of Eisenwald, whom have sworn themselves to Margravine Dawn-Marakov and The Stormwind Circle. These men and women act as a specialized Guard detail for the Kingdom of Stormwind for magical-related threats. In times of duress, the Tower Guard is activated to defend and serve alongside the Battlemage Corps in their endeavors.

Chaplaincy of Bellford

The Chaplaincy are men and women who strive to service the Kingdom of Stormwind alongside their Magi brethren. Each cleric is taught the teachings of the Light through the Priory of Bellford. Once trained they are assigned wherever they are needed and wish nothing more than the health and safety of their peers.