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For the Alliance

"In the Six-Hundred Thirteenth Year of the King's Calendar, the great citadel of Dalaran fell to the merciless Archimonde. As the spires toppled, the Magi of Dalaran fled from their reverent home and to the south. The Magi joined with their colleagues in the Mages' Quarter of Stormwind and would later go onto form the Wizard's Sanctum and the impressive Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences.

The Stormwind Circle rises up as a pillar of virtue of high academic and militant standards; strengthening the eternal bond that Dalaran and Stormwind has created. After the Destruction of Dalaran, and the acceptance of the people of Stormwind, the Circle was established. To this day the Circle seeks to return the Mage Quarter to its roots as the icon for learning, defense and community."

The website is largely a W.I.P.
Please bear with us as we add finishing touches.
Mesenda Dawn / Mar 05, 2016

Starting Tuesday, March 8th 2016 the Stormwind Circle will began investigating a chain of events in Duskwood. After receiving word from a local lesser Circle, the Commandant has issued for the Battlemage Corps and the Tower Guard to investigate wh...

Squiggy / Feb 14, 2016

Have you memorized the Laws of Magic? Are you obeying them? The consequences are deadly for sorcerers and sorceresses who are not prepared. Educate yourself, and defend yourself. Click here.